Thakrud Solot Mongkhon, Acharn Phan, Wat Intharam, Nonthaburi

Acharn Phan was a very famous guru monk who was a direct disciple of Luang Pu Klin Janthasaro, Wat Saphansoong and descended from the famous lineage of Luang Pu Ieam, Wat Saphansoong, Nonthaburi province.

On 12th April B.E.2458, Acharn Phan was born in Lad Loom Keaw District, Pathumthani province. On 13th March B.E.2477 at the age of 18, he was ordained in Wat Saphansoong, Nonthaburi province, his preceptor being Phra Sumethacharn Won, Wat Pon Maiyikawas, his Dhamma teacher Luang Pu Klin, Wat Saphansoong and his Vinaya teacher Luang Phor Soon, Wat Salakun. Acharn Phan dutifully learnt his Buddhist teachings from Luang Pu Klin for 3 years until B.E.2480 when he started learning the skills of making amulets traditionally handed down by Luang Pu Ieam, his grandmaster, such as Phra Pidta Nur Phong and Thakrud Solot Mongkhon. He was the closest disciple to Luang Pu Klin and learnt everything completely from Luang Pu Klin so well that his amulets were no less potent and effective than his senior and older fellow-disciples such as Luang Phor Thongsuk.

In B.E.2490, he was officially appointed to be the Chao Awat of Wat Intharam in Nonthaburi province. Luang Phor Thongsuk was initially chosen to be the Chao Awat of Wat Intharam but was held up in Wat Saphansoong due to various projects and Acharn Phan was sent in his place instead. At the time, Wat Intharam was believed to be haunted as it was abandoned and the villagers in the area dared not visit the temple. When Acharn Phan arrived, he managed to subdue the spirits that were haunting the temple and he slowly restored the temple. The villagers were very grateful to Acharn Phan and respected him and helped him in his endeavour to restore the temple. When Luang Pu Klin passed away, Acharn Phan was to inherit the abbotship of Wat Saphansoong but due to his ongoing effort to restore Wat Intharam and by the pleading of the villagers not to leave, he remained and Luang Phor Thongsuk became the new Chao Awat of Wat Saphansoong.

Acharn Phan did not create many types of amulets and those that he created were made only in small quantities, due to the fact that they were created only by himself personally for he believed that they were more effective if they were all created by his own hands. He made great effort to ensure the amulets he created were effective against many types of maleficence and also to help the wearer in attaining his wishes. The types of amulets he created were Thakrud Solot Mongkhon, Phra Somdej Prok Pho, Locket, Rian Roop Meuan and Phra Pidta Nur Phong. His most famous amulets were namely Thakrud Solot Mongkhon and Phra Pidta Nur Phong, the same reputation as his master Luang Pu Klin and his grandmaster Luang Pu Ieam. His amulets were said to empower the wearer with Metta Mahaniyom (attraction), Kleaw Klaad (prevent misfortune), Chok Lap (luck) and Khong Kraphan Chatri (invulnerability to weapons).

In B.E.2520, Acharn Phan was paralysed due to a nervous system disorder and his condition deterriorated in B.E.2531 when he was unable to speak. Acharn Phan passed away on the 30th of July B.E.2535 at the age of 78 years old.

Thakrud Solot Mongkhon, Nur Thong Daeng, 3.5 inches

Thakrud Solot Mongkhon created by Acharn Phan is well-known among the collectors of Luang Pu Ieam Wat Saphansoong lineage. Many people believed that his Thakrud Solot Mongkhon was as equally powerful as his master's Luang Pu Klin. This was because it was known that he was Luang Pu Klin's closest disciple and was to inherit the abbotship of Wat Saphansoong by Luang Pu Klin's wishes originally. Also, his personal efforts in making an effective Thakrud Solot Mongkhon, from the writing, rolling of the metal sheet, the tying of the thread and applying the protective layer, resulted in not many thakrud being made in his lifetime as each of them were produced with his sole effort. Hence, many collectors and traders trade in Luang Pu Klin's Thakrud Solot Monkhon due to its high value but wear Acharn Phan's Thakrud Solot Mongkhon. Although the price for each piece is inexpensive even by today's standards, they are rarely found. Solot Monkhon means "16 Auspiciousness" where the Yant written in the Thakrud Solot Mongkhon will grant the wearer with 16 auspicious blessings.



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