Rian Phra Buddha Chinnaraj, Luang Pu Pherm, Wat Klang Bang Keaw, Nakhon Pathom, B.E.2518

In the year B.E.2518, Phra Maha Boonlert, who used to be from Wat Klang Bang Keaw but was appointed as Chao Awat of Wat Bor Takua, commissioned a batch of Rian Phra Buddha Chinnaraj to be created. The medals were produced in Wat Klang Bang Keaw and Phra Maha Boonlert was responsible for creating the mould and producing the amulets. After doing so, the medals were wholely donated to Luang Pu Pherm, Wat Klang Bang Keaw to be blessed and distributed. The quantity recorded was a total of only 1,000 pieces produced, out of which 800 pieces were Nur Thong Daeng Pew Fai and 200 pieces were Nur Nawak.

As the quantity is relatively small, the medal is seldom seen in the open market and even if found, it is usually of Nur Thong Daeng Pew Fai.

Rian Phra Buddha Chinnaraj, Nur Thong Daeng Pew Fai, B.E.2518



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