Phra Kring Maha Sitthi Chok, Wat Prasat, Bangkok, B.E.2506

Phra Kring Maha Sitthi Chok, Phim Na Lek, Wat Prasat, B.E.2506

Phra Kring Wat Prasat was scheduled to be casted on Friday, 10.p.m of the 3rd Lunar Month in B.E.2506. The date chosen was because it was greatly auspicious and is known as Wan Maha Sitthi Chok, loosely translated as Great Success and Good Fortune Day. It is believed that any important tasks which are held on such an auspicious date will result in great success and also great fortune. The Phra Kring which were consecrated on that day were hence also known as Phra Kring Maha Sitthi Chok.

There were basically 2 types of Phra Kring amulets consecrated, namely Phra Kring Tibet and Phra Kring Yai. The metal which was used to consecrate this batch of Phra Kring amulet consists of metal plates which were inscribed with Agkara Khom by famous monks such as:

- Luang Phor Noi, Wat Thammasala
- Luang Phor Kee, Wat Hoo Chang
- Luang Phor Thera, Wat Thammasaen
- Luang Phor Thiam, Wat Kasattrathiraj

Code "Sam Ngam" stamped at the back of the Phra Kring

These inscribed metal plates were to be melted and many other auspicious metals were also added into the compound, such as:

- Phra Kring of Sangkaraj Pae, Wat Suthat donated by Phra Acharn Khao who was one of the 9 committee members
- Phra Kring Phrommanuchit, Wat Pho donated by Than Chao Khun Jia, Wat Pho
- Phra Kring of Than Chao Khun Thammawisuthajarn, Wat Suthat
- Roop Lor Phra Luang Phor Wat Raikhing, which were inscribed with Yant Itipiso by Acharn Jiam, Wat Raikhing in B.E.2497
- Phra Kring Naresuan which was consecrated by Acharn Sawai, Wat Rajnadda in Phitsanulok
- Roop Lor Phra Phuttarawadee which was donated by Lieutenant General Pracha
- Roop Lor Luang Phor Thuad, Wat Changhai, Pattani
- Roop Lor Wat Thewa Sangkaraj, Kanchanaburi
- 266 pieces of metal plates inscribed by the participating guru monks of the ceremony
- Phra Kring of Acharn Thep Sarikbut
- Phra Kring Wat Suthat of Phrakru Noo, Wat Suthat together with Phra Leela Satthawas B.E.2500
- Phra Kring Wat Rajbhorphit which was brought by Phra Acharn Reuang, Wat Mai Phin Suwan
- Phra Kring Wat Chee Norot B.E.2506
- Phra Kring Fa Pha, Wat Don Yannawa
- Nur Chin (lead/silver alloy) Kru Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat, Suphanburi, donated by Luang Phor Thira, Wat Palelai
- Roop Lor Somdej Phra Sangkaraj Jao, Wat Boworn donated by Phrakru Wimon Sornphon, Wat Suthat

After the casting was completed, 129 famous guru monks were then invited to consecrate this batch of Phra Kring amulets continuously for 4 days.



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