Phra Pidta Lang Tau / Phra Pidta Ngern Lan, Luang Pu Toh, Wat Pradoochimplee, Bangkok, B.E.2521

Phra Pidta Lang Tau

After the initial production of Phra Pidta Mahalap Phim Yai (Phim Jumbo or commonly known as Pidta Jumbo Neung) by Phrakru Viroj Kittikhun in B.E.2520, the batch had been popular among Luang Pu Toh’s devotees and were all snapped up as soon as they were released. In B.E.2521, due to the limited supply of Phra Pidta Jumbo Neung and requests for remakes, Phrakru Viroj produced Phra Pidta Lang Yant Trinisinghae of which the size is smaller than Phra Pidta Jumbo Neung. It was intended to be the second batch of Phra Pidta Jumbo, i.e. Phra Pidta Jumbo Song.

The shape is similar to Phra Pidta Jumbo Neung but after producing around 900 pieces, Phrakru Viroj realised that the knees were too big. The dimension of the amulet is 2.1 c.m. width, 2.8 c.m. height and 0.6 c.m. depth (which differs from piece to piece). When Luang Pu Toh saw the final product, he remarked that the back of the amulet is a bit curvy like the back of a turtle. Hence, this batch of Phra Pidta is named as “Phra Pidta Lang Tau”. There are 2 basic types of Phra Pidta Lang Tau, those inserted with a single thakrud or with two thakruds. Only one type of material is used for both types, Nur Phong Bailan. Those with two thakruds are significantly lesser in quantity when compared to those with single thakrud.

Phra Pidta Lang Tau, B.E.2521

Phra Pidta Ngern Lan

After the initial 900 pieces of Phra Pidta Lang Tau were produced, it was decided that a new mould will be created. General characteristics of the amulet still remained the same but the dimension has changed to 2.0 c.m. width, 2.6 c.m. height and 0.6 c.m. depth (which differs from piece to piece). There are 2 types of material used and each material type were inserted with either single or double thakrud. The quantities are as as follows:

1) Nur Phong Kesorn, single thakud - 4,480 pieces
2) Nur Phong Bailan, single thakrud - 2,091 pieces
3) Nur Phong Kesorn, double thakrud - 294 pieces
4) Nur Phong Bailan, double thakrud - 548 pieces
5) Nur Phong Bailan (Phim Kammakan), 3 thakrud - 5 pieces

This batch of Phra Pidta Lang Yant Trinisinghae is called Phra Pidta Ngern Lan (One Million Baht). The story behind this was that earlier batches of amulets produced and distributed by the temple had not been able to raise funds of up to one million baht before. However, when this batch of Phra Pidta was produced and distributed, the contribution funds from this batch alone raised more than one million baht. This was attributed to the beautiful features of the Phra Pidta and also the size which is preferred by all age and gender. Since this was the first time that the temple was able to raise so much money, this batch was called “Phra Pidta Ngern Lan”.

It is believed that the people who possess this amulet will not have any financial problems and will always be successful in their career or business.

Phra Pidta Ngern Lan, B.E.2521

The Phra Pidta Lang Tau shown above was featured in Luang Pu Toh's newest temple book issued in B.E.2552 (Page 146)

Special thanks to Dr. C.Y. Lee (Penang) for his contribution to this article.



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