Phra Somdej Lohng Phi, Wat Chak Mak, Rayong, B.E.2521

Wat Chak Mak, Rayong

In B.E.2521, a batch of amulets was consecrated which consisted of 2 types of amulets, Phra Somdej Prathab Singha (Sitting On Singha Style) and Phra Khun Paen Phim Khai Pla (Fish Roe Shape Style). This batch of amulets were made from a special type of material known as "Phong Prai Sattamat". Luang Phor Somjit was the key person who produced the mould and also preparing the mixture to make the special material "Phong Prai Sattamat". The powder was created specially during a single full moon Monday night as it was believed that this was a day where the powder will be enhanced supernaturally to give the wearer great charisma (Metta Mahaniyom).

The original material was essentially grounded from old broken or damaged amulets. The powder was then given to Luang Pu Thim, Wat Lahanrai and the final material was mixed with Phong Prai Kuman. Luang Pu Thim then continually chanted on the final powder for 7 months until he passed away in B.E.2518. Subsquently, the material was given to Luang Phor Hom to consecrate and recite incantations prior to making them into amulet form.

This batch of amulets was actually created in the graveyard of Wat Chakmak by Luang Phor Somjit where he stayed in. When the amulets were completely created, they were placed on top of the lids of the exposed coffins for drying. The residing spirits in the graveyard were invited to share in the creating of this batch of amulets so as to gain merits. Due to this process, the amulets were believed to exude a powerful energy and was then known as Lohng Phi (Spirit of the Coffin).

Phra Somdej Prathab Singha, Nur Phong Prai Sattamat

The 2 moulds used to make this batch of amulets was presented to Luang Phor Kong, Wat Wangsaparot, Chantaburi province for chanting before the amulets were created as Luang Phor Somjit believed that Luang Phor Kong was a very good monk who knew how to consecrate effective amulets.

The amulets were then prepared for a major consecration ceremony. The ceremony was conducted on the 23rd of April, B.E.2521, which coincided with the day of Luang Phor Hom's cremation (who passed away in B.E.2520). The following highly respected guru monks were also invited to Wat Chakmak to join in the consecration ceremony:

1. Luang Pu Toh, Wat Pradoochimplee
2. Luang Pu Kham, Wat Wang Wa
3. Luang Phor Ruay, Wat Thareua
4. Luang Phor Chaem, Wat Donyaihom
5. Luang Phor Thong Yoo, Wat Mai Nong Phra Ong
6. Luang Phor Kong, Wat Wangsaparot
7. Luang Phor Somjit, Wat Chakmak
8. Luang Phor Cheuan, Wat Mab Kha

After the ceremony was completed, Luang Phor Somjit brought the amulets to the graveyard where he lived in and continued to chant on the amulets by himself until he was satisfied with the final result. After which, he distributed the amulets to his followers and disciples for them to wear.

Due to the limited amount of material created, only 800 pieces of Khun Paen and 2,000 pieces of Phra Somdej were produced.



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