Luang Phor Boonmee, Wat Khao Samoh Korn, Lopburi

Luang Phor Boonmee, Wat Khao Samoh Korn, Lopburi

Luang Phor Boonmee was born on 8th February B.E.2442 in Amphur Thawoong, Changwat Lopburi. In his childhood, his parents left him to study Akara Khom (Khmer) with Luang Phor Kong of Wat Khao Samoh Korn, who was the chief instructor of religious studies in the temple.

Luang Phor Kong accepted and initiated Luang Phor Boonmee as a novice monk and imparted various sorts of knowledge to him, including Dhamma teachings and also the mystical arts. Luang Phor Boonmee regularly went for Tudong in the forests so that he could further develop a strong foundation in meditation. At the age of 21, Luang Phor Boonmee was officially ordained as a monk under Luang Phor Sai (Wat Seua), Phra Athikarn Phong (Wat Moorinot) and Phra Athikarn Khek (Wat Nong Mon). Luang Phor Boonmee then continued learning under Luang Phor Kong and followed his instructions with perfection.

Only 5 rain retreats after Luang Phor Boonmee was officially ordained as a monk, Luang Phor Kong passed away in B.E.2469 at the age of 125 years old. Luang Phor Boonmee was subsequently appointed as the chief monk of Wat Khao Samoh Korn. Not long after, to further his knowledge in the mystical arts, he started learning from various masters such as Luang Phor Sai, Wat Seua who was one of his preceptors during his ordination.

Even at a young age, Luang Phor Boonmee had Karawat (laymen) who followed him to learn about mystical arts. As Luang Phor Boonmee's talismans and amulets proved to be so effective that almost all early talisman personally created by him were almost never distributed out but kept only by his laymen disciples.

Luang Phor Boonmee's most famous early Khreung Rang was Meedmoh, which he learnt the sacred formula for consecrating from Luang Phor Kong. Luang Phor Kong was a contemporary of Luang Phor Doem Wat Nong Pho, Nakhon Sawan province and his Meed Moh is not inferior to Luang Phor Doem's. Due to the fact that Luang Phor Kong's Meed Moh were made only in small quantity, it was generally unknown among the general collectors but very famous among the serious collectors. Luang Phor Boonmee created Meed Moh from as early as B.E.2480 because during that time, many villagers kept turning up at the temple to complain to Luang Phor Boonmee about ghosts haunting the village. Luang Phor Boonmee was invited to bless the village with holy water and he subsequently consecrated Meed Moh to be distributed to the villagers to protect them from the hauntings as well as preventing wild animals from entering their homes. The Meed Moh which the villagers received proved to be so effective that word spread very quickly to other villages and provinces about Luang Phor Boonmee's Meed Moh, which remained famous and collectible even until today.

In B.E.2497, Luang Phor Boonmee was officially conferred an official monkhood rank of Phrakru and the 1st batch of medal of Luang Phor Boonmee was created to commemorate the occassion. In B.E.2507, Luang Phor Boonmee was the chief monk of the area and in B.E.2509 became the chief monk of Thawoong district.

Luang Phor Boonmee consecrated various forms of amulets such as Rian, Roopmeuan, Meed Moh, Khiao Seua, Phayant, Seua Yant, Thakrud, Waen, See Pheung and also Phra Bucha and powder amulets.

Luang Phor Boonmee started falling ill due to old age and passed away when his heart stopped functioning on 6th October B.E.2525 at the age of 84 years old. Luang Phor Boonmee's relics is still enshrined in Wat Khao Samoh Korn for devotees to continue to pay respects to him even after he has passed away. Today, Luang Phor Boonmee remains one of the greatest and famous Guru monk of Lopburi province.

Seua Thang Duan, Nur Loha

Seua Roon Thang Duan (highway batch) consecrated by Luang Phor Boonmee was one of the famous amulets where there was an experience recorded. A Thai man was sitting at the back of a pickup which was travelling on a highway in Thailand. Halfway through the journey, the man fell off the pickup at high speed along the highway amidst the fast traffic. The man not only survived the fall but also did not sustain any injuries nor was he hit by any oncoming vehicles. He was rescued by passerbys and was found wearing this batch of Seua amulet consecrated by Luang Phor Boonmee and it was later given the batch name "Seua Roon Thang Duan" (Tiger, highway batch) in memory of this event which further proved the miracles of Luang Phor Boonmee's amulets.



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