Phra Pidta Phong Metta, Luang Phor Chaem, Wat Donyaihom, Nakhon Pathom, B.E.2527

Phra Pidta Phong Metta was consecrated by Luang Phor Chaem, Wat Donyaihom, Nakhon Pathom province in B.E.2527. The material used was made up of various types of herbs and powder with mysterious properties, such as:

- Wahn Sao Lohng ("infatuated female")
- Wahn Saneh Jan ("attractive as the moon")
- Wahn Dok Thong ("promiscuous woman")
- Kafaak Maroom (filings made from a branch from a tree which is inhabited by a type of bird known which always fly together in a pair and does not separate)
- Kafaak Lohng Rang (filings made from a branch from a tree which is inhabited by a type of bird which when it builds its nest, will watch over and remain at the tree until it dies)
- Phong Ittije of Luang Phor Chaem, created by collecting the chalk powder after writing magical Khom scripts
- Phong Gau (old powder) left over by Luang Phor Ngern, Wat Donyaihom after he had completed the blessing

Phra Pidta Phong Metta, See Daeng (red)

This batch of Phra Pidta is commonly known in the Wat Donyaihom area as the 2nd Phra Pidta Luang Pu Keaw, mainly because the way of Luang Phor Chaem collecting the erased chalk after writing Khom magical script and also because many wearers experience extremely great Metta Mahaniyom.

The style used for this Phra Pidta is based on old powder Phra Pidta amulets and due to the material composition, the texture is relatively fragile. The back has a Yant followed by the words "Phong Metta" and "Luang Phor Chaem". The quantity created was only 2,527 pieces in the year B.E.2527 and is one of Luang Phor Chaem's most popular powdered Phra Pidta amulet. The most commonly seen pieces are the yellowish white coloured pieces, whereas the red coloured pieces are extremely rare and made in very small quantities.

Phra Pidta Phong Metta, See Khao (white)

Luang Phor Chaem besides being the disciple of Luang Phor Ngern, was also a disciple of Luang Phor Sook, Wat Huay Jorake who was in turn the direct lineage disciple of Luang Phor Nak, Wat Huay Jorake. Luang Phor Nak's Pidta Yant Yung Nur Mekhaphat is one of Thailand's top 5 metal-based Pidta amulet, which is also the reason why Luang Phor Chaem who also belongs to the same lineage and his Pidta amulets, especially the metal-based types, are sought after and collectible in Thailand.



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