Rian Lor Na Seua, Luang Phor Chaem, Wat Donyaihom, Nakhon Pathom, B.E.2536

On 1st October B.E.2536, Luang Phor Chaem of Wat Donyaihom, Nakhon Pathom province, consecrated a batch of casted medals (Rian Lor) known as Rian Lor Na Seua (tiger face). This batch of amulets were very popular due to the traditional casting method, the materials used and also the beauty of the mould. There were 2 types of moulds used to cast this batch of Rian Lor, namely Phim Song Na (face on front and back) and Phim Na Deow (face on front side only).

Phim Song Na was created in limited quantities in 2 types of materials, only 1,250 pieces casted in Nur Nawak (alloy) and 1,250 pieces casted in Nur Rakhang Taek (broken bell).

Phim Na Deow had a greater quantity created but was still considered limited as casting technique was used and not many pieces could be created. 50 pieces casted in Nur Thong Kam (gold), 1,800 pieces casted in Nur Ngern (silver), 3,600 pieces casted in Nur Nawak (alloy) and 12,500 pieces casted in Nur Rakhang Taek (broken bell).

Rian Lor Na Seua Roon 1, Phim Na Deow, Nur Nawak

This batch of amulets were called Rian Lor Na Seua Roon 1 because it was the first time that the style of Na Seua was used for Luang Phor Chaem's amulets. The style is following Rian Lor Na Seua of Luang Phor Noi, Wat Thammasala, Nakhon Pathom, also one of the great guru monks of Thailand. Luang Phor Chaem also consecrated another Rian Lor for the same ceremony known as Rian Lor Khor Nam Tow (bottle-gourd neck style) which is also based on Luang Phor Noi's Rian Lor Khor Nam Tow.

All pieces were stamped with 2 codes, a Thai numeral of "87" denoting Luang Phor Chaem's age and another code which is not the same for the different types of materials. This is to prevent confusion among the similar looking materials such as between Nur Ngern, Nur Nawak and Rakhang Taek because to the casting method, they may all look blackish upon solidifying or oxidisation through time.

Although this batch of amulets is only close to 20 years old, it is one of Luang Phor Chaem's most popular amulets due to the great chanting ceremony on Sao Ha day and the aesthetic look of the amulets. There were already imitations of this batch of amulets many years ago due to the low quantity created.



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