Meed Moh Roon 3, Luang Phor Cheun, Wat Yannasen, Ayuthaya, B.E.2545

Luang Pu Cheun is popularly known for the creation of Phra Khun Paen amulets but many people were unaware that Luang Pu Cheun was also famous for his Khreung Rang Khong Khlang talisman, especially his Meed Moh. Luang Pu Cheun was invited to many mass-chanting ceremonies in his younger years such as the consecration of Rian Phra Mongkhon Borphit of Wat Phananchoeng in B.E.2485.

Luang Pu Cheun was born in B.E.2449 and was very involved with Saiyasak (black magic) in his younger years even after he was ordained. His knowledge of Saiyasak was mainly for helping the villagers who seeked him for help. However, after the departure of his teacher, he decided to reform and stopped practising Saiyasak but to follow the Buddha's teachings instead. Later years amulets blessed by him were by using his knowledge of Buddhism instead of Saiyasak.

This batch of Meed Moh was the 3rd batch consecrated by Luang Pu Cheun, Wat Yannasen in B.E.2545. The knives were all hand-made and individually crafted by artisans from Ayuthaya province. The blade is made from Loha Pasom (mixed-metal alloy) which was forged from the best types of metals obtained from the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace in Ayuthaya. The sheath and the handle is made from Mai Phayoong Mai Mongkhon, a type of wood which is believed to be auspicious in Thailand.

On one side of the blade was inscribed with the Katha "I-Sa-Wa-Su-Su-Sa-Wa-I" and on the other side was inscribed "I-Ti-Pi-So-Wi-Sae-Sae-I". Total quantity made was 2,500 pieces with a code Yant "Tha" struck on the blade and also a running serial number was struck individually for each piece. Due to the popularity of Luang Pu Cheun's amulets and the low quantity produced, this batch of Meed Moh was totally rented before it was released and was not available over the temple counter.



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