Luang Phor Hom, Wat Chak Mak, Rayong

Luang Phor Hom or Phrakru Phawananuyoke was born on Monday in the 10th month of B.E.2433 in Amphur Ban Chang, Changwat Rayong. His father was Nai Samrit and his mother was Nang Phoom Thongsamrit and he was the youngest of 3 siblings. He was officially ordained as a monk at the age of 36 after he had fulfilled his duties to serve his parents and his preceptor was Luang Phor Khao Wat Thap Ma.

He spent his first rainy season learning the Vinaya rules and also to study the Dhamma. After learning from his Dhamma teacher Luang Phor Chern Wat Maap Kha for only 2 rainy seasons, Luang Phor Hom was very proficient in the Vinaya rules and also Dhamma teachings, surpassing many monks who were ordained earlier than him but around the same age currently. Luang Phor Chern also remarked to a few other monks that Luang Phor Hom will be famous one day due to his unwavering self-discipline and intelligence.

Roop Lor Luang Phor Hom Phim Hua Lim, Nur Nawak, B.E.2517

Not long after, Luang Phor Chern gave Luang Phor Hom instructions to go to the Chak Mak area in Amphur Ban Chang to advance his knowledge of the magic sciences and also to help the villagers improve their lives.

In B.E.2471, the Chak Mak area was still a wild jungle area and many wild animals such as elephants, tigers and wild boars freely roamed about. There was a dilapidated monks' quarters which was unoccupied and after the villagers invited Luang Phor Hom to stay in the area, he made up his mind to restore the monks' quarters into a complete temple, later known as Wat Chak Mak. The entire process took him almost 10 years and he managed to raise 1,980,000 baht to do what he set out to do. The government even donated 200,000 baht for Luang Phor Hom to build schools in the area so that the poor children could be educated. During that time, although the wild animals were frequently spotted wandering nearby the temple, they never once went near or attacked Luang Phor Hom and the devotees.

Phra Somdej Song Singha, Nur Phong, B.E.2512

Luang Phor Hom's merits were noticed by the 9th King and he was officially given the rank of Dhamma Instructor in Pali Level 3 and the title Phrakru Phawananuyoke during the state ceremony in celebrations of the King's birthday on 5th December B.E.2507. As this was an extremely important part in Luang Phor Hom's life, his disciples and devotees helped to produce a batch of Roop Meuan of Luang Phor Hom which is inserted with a Kring inside. This was his first batch of Roop Meuan amulets and his second batch of Rian was also consecrated in this same ceremony. In fact, every batch of amulets produced by Luang Phor Hom have many miracles which were related by witnesses young and old. Everybody in the village believed that Luang Phor Hom's amulets were consecrated with the intention to help all sentient beings and this actually helped to alleviate their worries and sufferings.

Luang Phor Hom was one of the 108 famous guru monks who were invited to participate in the grand consecration ceremony of the Leela Sattawas amulets for the commemoration of 2,500 years of Buddhism. His reputation was so famous by the year B.E.2500 that after the consecration ceremony in Sanam Luang, there was a stampede caused by many devotees who rushed to get Luang Phor Hom to bless their amulets again personally. The situation was so chaotic that the lay disciples had to intervene and implore the devotees not to rush so that there will not be any danger or accidents.

Luang Phor Hom passed away peacefully of old age around 5 a.m. on the 13th of April, B.E.2520 in a hospital at the naval base of Sattaheep, Chonburi. He was 87 years old and had spent 51 rainy seasons as a monk and on the 23rd of April B.E.2521, he was cremated at Wat Chak Mak and the funeral pyre was officially lighted by the 9th King who personally attended the ceremony.



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