Luang Phor Phut, Wat Klang Bang Phra, Nakhon Pathom

Luang Phor Phut was the former abbot of a famous temple Wat Klang Bang Phra in the Nakhon Chaisri district, Nakhon Pathom province. He was born on the 9th of November, B.E.2453, which is on a Friday. His father was Nai Kham Han Samai and his mother was Nang Parn Han Samai. He was the 2nd of five other siblings who were 1 other boy and 3 girls.

Luang Phor Phut was educated in Wat Bang Phra's elementary school and graduated from there. His parents were farmers but he was enlisted to serve the military at the age of 20 for 2 years. After he has completed his duties, he returned to help his father and mother with their farming. Luang Phor Phut was very hardworking and helpful, so much so that even his neighbours and villagers from the neighbouring villages respected his helpfulness and humble way of life. He was fillial to his parents and also was morally upright and he was unanimously voted to be the village chief despite his young age.

Rian Sema Bpen Khwai Lang Rahu, Nur Thong Daeng, B.E.2533

On the 1st of April, B.E.2489, at the age of 36, Luang Phor Phut decided cut his worldly ties and to enter into monkhood. He was ordained in Wat Bang Phra by Chao Atikarn Him Intachoto, his preceptor was Phra Acharn Thong and his instructor was Phra Acharn Plien. Luang Phor Phut was very dilligent in learning all the Vinaya rules and was extremely interested in Dhamma books and books on traditional medicine. In the short 6 years up to B.E.2495, he was constantly promoted in the monkhood rank and was selected to be the abbot of Wat Klang Bang Phra after the previous abbot had passed away.

Phra Phong Roop Meuan Lang Wua Thanoo, Nur Phong Pasom Wahn 108, B.E.2535

During his leadership in Wat Klang Bang Phra, Luang Phor Phut continuously made effort to conduct repair and restorative works to the temple which was not in good shape. Over the years, due to the respect that the villagers had for him, the villagers were extremely cooperative and either offered monetary or physical help to rebuild the monastery and school which was attached to the monastery. Due to his concern in education, he was constantly appointed in this field under the following achievements:

1) Appointed as official Dhamma teacher and headmaster of Wat Klang Bang Phra school in B.E.2496.
2) Appointed as official committee member of Wat Klang Bang Phra school in B.E.2500.
3) Appointed as official committee member and Pali instructor of Wat Phra Pathom Chedi school in B.E.2515.
4) Appointed as principal of the main public school in Bang Phra sub-district in B.E.2529.
5) Appointed as distinguished committee member of the main public school in Bang Phra in B.E.2530.

Wua Thanoo Nur Krang Phutsa

Luang Phor Phut also learnt Wiccha from Luang Phor Noi, Wat Srisathong and has learnt how to make effective Khreung Rang amulets. His most famous Khreung Rang amulets are his Wua Thanoo, Rahu and Thakrud which are popular among the collectors. On top of it, he has also consecrated many types of amulets such as Rian which had a few batches.

Wua Thanoo (literally arrow-bull) consecrated by Luang Phor Phut is made of Nur Krang Phutsa. Krang Phutsa is a type of wax extracted from the Chinese date tree and is deemed auspicious by Luang Phor Phut for the making of Wua Thanoo amulets. The branch from where the wax is extracted from has to be facing the east and an auspicious time will be chosen to extract the wax and to recite incantations on it before use. The instructions given by Luang Phor Phut before inviting the Wua Thanoo into the house are as such:

1) 16 joss-sticks must be lighted to invite the Devas from 16 directions to bless the Wua Thanoo image.
2) 1 joss-stick must be lighted to ask the house spirits to protect the house.

Phra Pidta Mai Khae Salak

The Wua Thanoo which has been properly blessed will protect the house and the family from all forms of danger. Many experiences have been shared by devotees who have faith in Luang Phor Phut's Wua Thanoo and all of them are convinced that his Wua Thanoo is a very sacred object. Not many monks have the ability to make effective Wua Thanoo amulets due to the long conseceration process involved and also the difficulty in obtaining certain special materials.

On the 13th of January, B.E.2542, after many years of hard work without rest, Luang Phor Phut was totally fatigued and had to stop all his work so that he can be taken care of. On the 16th of January, B.E.2542, his condition had not improved and by the daybreak of 17th January B.E.2542, at 8.45a.m., Luang Phor Phut passed away in his sleep. Luang Phor Phut's funeral was held on the 18th of January B.E.2542 and was attended by the the King. His Majesty personally conducted the ceremony of pouring the body with water at 5.00p.m. Luang Phor Phut was 88 years old when he passed away and was deeply missed by devotees, disciple and even the public alike.

Khee Pheung (Balm)



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