Khreung Rang, Luang Phor Roong, Wat Thakrabeua, Samut Sakorn

Luang Phor Roong of Wat Thakrabeua, Samut Sakorn province was a famous guru monk in the pre-B.E.2500 generation and was most famously known as the teacher to Luang Pu Toh, Wat Pradoochimplee, Bangkok and Luang Phor Jaran, Wat Amphawan, Singburi province. Besides his most famous 1st batch medal of B.E.2485, he was also famous for his Khreung Rang amulets, namely Phayant, Thakrud, Waen, Seua Yant, Mai Kradon Sathon,etc.

A set of Khreung Rang of Luang Phor Roong, Wat Thakrabeua, Samut Sakorn (Thakrud Thong Daeng, Thakrud Ngern and Mai Kradon Sathon)

The set shown above consists of a Thakrud Thon Nur Thong Daeng and a Thakrud Thon Nur Ngern, both of which still have the original Sai Sin intact. The bottom piece is a Mai Kradon Sathon which is actually a piece of wood which come to mean "to bounce and reflect". Mai Kradon Sathon is a special type of Khreung Rang where it not only protects the wearer from physical harm, curses or black magic but also sends or reflects the curses or black magic back to the sender. Luang Phor Roong was very famous for his Mai Kradon Sathon and not many monks today are able to make effective Khreung Rang amulets as Luang Phor Roong. Luang Phor Roong passed away in the year B.E.2500 at the age of 85.



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