Phra Prok Nong Chok, Wat Nongchok, Bangkok, B.E.2514

In the year B.E.2514, Chang Kasem Mongkhon Charoen, the no.1 artisan and craftsman of Buddhist art in Thailand at the time, created this mould of Phra Prok amulets which is in the artistic style of the Srivijayan period. The original art was based on a statue which was removed from the National Museum by Chang Kasem Mongkhon Charoen. There were only 3 types of materials being consecrated; Nur Thong Kam (gold), Nur Ngern (silver) and Nur Samrit (bronze).

Acharn Sawai Sumano, Wat Rajnadda was invited to consecrate this batch of amulets known as Phra Prok Nong Chok. The pieces were all given to Army General Chaesit for distribution as he was the main sponsor for this batch of amulets. The amulets were consecrated in an old temple Wat Nong Chok of Minburi district in Bangkok and not many pieces were made or circulated.

Phra Prok Nong Chok, Nur Ngern, Wat Nong Chok, Bangkok, B.E.2514

When Acharn Sawai was alive, he was invited by many temples throughout Thailand to help assist and conduct the consecration of Phra Kring amulets as his knowledge was directly from the best lineage of monks who created Phra Kring amulets. All matters of coordination, timing, chanting, etc. will be handled by Acharn Sawai and his lay devotees supported all his ceremonies. Acharn Sawai prepared the highest quality Nur Nawak for the materials using Sangkaraj Pae's formula and the mould was produced by Chang Kasem Mongkhon Charoen, who was the No. 1 artisan and craftsman in Thailand with regards to Buddhist art.

Phra Prok Nong Chok, Nur Samrit, Wat Nong Chok, Bangkok, B.E.2514



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