Phra Yod Khun Phon, Luang Phor Thoon, Wat Pho Nimit, Bangkok, B.E.2527

In B.E.2527, a batch of Phra Yodkhunphon was created by Luang Phor Thoon, Wat Pho Nimit, Bangkok. This batch of Phra Yodkhunphon has been unanimously agreed to be excellent in Maha Amnaj (authority), Keaw Klaad (prevent danger), Khongkraphan Chatri (invulnerability). The main reason for this belief was because the material used was actually from various ancient pagodas from across the country such as in Phetburi, Khamphaengphet, Chainat and Ayuthaya.

The material used for this batch of Phra Yodkhunphon is actually antique Nur Chin (an ancient type of silver alloy) which were found in these various pagodas, mixed with other types of metal such as lead and tin to create the new alloy. This was to ensure that the new alloy will be malleable yet remain extremely hard and durable. The resulting surface look extremely shiny and beautiful which resembles silver and is always referred to as "Nur Chin Ngern" (silver alloy) or also another acronym for "money".

Phra Yodkhunphon (Pump), Phim Suphan, Nur Chin Ngern, B.E.2527

This batch of Phra Yodkhunphon is referred to as "Chut Traiphakee Haeng Itthiriti" (set of three), which consists of Phra Yodkhunphon Lor Boran Phim Ayuthaya, Phra Yodkhunphon Pump Phim Suphan and Phra Yodkhunphon Phim Lek.

Luang Phor Thoon was a very famous and respected guru monk in his era and he was the direct disciple of Somdej Phra Putthajarn Nuam, Wat Anong, Bangkok and inherited all his teacher's abilities. As Luang Phor Thoon was very respected, every time he creates a batch of amulets, he will invite his peers for a mass consecration ceremony, almost always attended by famous guru monks from across the country. He was very close friends with Luang Pu Toh, Wat Pradoochimplee, Luang Pu Seng Wat Kallaya, Luang Pu Sa Wat Rajnadda, Luang Phor Thir Wat Palelai, etc.



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