Phra Pidta Sarapadneuk Benjaphakee, Luang Pu Keaw, Wat Chonglom, Samutsongkram, B.E.2524

Luang Pu Keaw, Wat Chonglom, Samutsongkram

This is an original unworn set of Phra Pidta Keaw Sarapadneuk Benjaphakee consecrated by Luang Pu Keaw, Wat Chonglom, Samutsakorn in B.E.2524. This batch of Phra Pidta Sarapadneuk Benjaphakee (The Grand 5 Set) was created by Wat Salakreun using materials provided by Luang Pu Keaw and was also the 1st time that Luang Pu Keaw consecrated Phra Pidta amulets. "Sarapadneuk" means "to cover all aspects", meaning that the wearer will be blessed and protected in all ways.

Luang Pu Keaw was one of the most famous guru monks from Samutsakorn province and passed away on the 9th of September, B.E.2526 at the age of 79 years old.

Phra Pidta Phim Loy Ong (statuette-style)

Phra Pidta Phim Plod Nhe (free from debt-style)

Phra Pidta Phim Ratsami (rays-style)

Phra Pidta Phim Yai Jumbo (large size jumbo-style)

Phra Pidta Phim Yodnam (teardrop-style)



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