Phra Wat Prasat, Bangkok, B.E.2506

Phra Somdej Phim Phrakru Moon (Phim Mee Na Ta), Wat Prasat, B.E.2506

In the year B.E.2506, Wat Prasat was almost totally destroyed by a fire which broke out in the temple. After the massive damage was done, a mass chanting ceremony was organised to help raise funds for the rebuilding of the temple. Many types of amulets were consecrated and they were chanted twice in B.E.2506. The chanting was first held continuously for 3 days and 3 nights from the 6th to 9th of March B.E.2506. The second time was held for 4 days and 4 nights from the 13th to 15th of November B.E.2506.

Some of the basic components in the amulet consist of:

- Broken fragments of Somdej Wat Bangkhunphrom
- Soil from 4 holy places of the Buddha's time
- Mineral ore
- Phong Itije (Prosperity), Phong Maharaj, Phong Puttamang
- Nur Din (Soil)
- See Pheung (Lip Wax)
- Wahn Jampasak (Power, Authority, Prestige)
- Raw Leklai (metal charm believed to melt at candle temperature)
- Holy metal plates that were used to write Yantras

Phra Somdej Phra Prathan, Wat Prasat, B.E.2506

It is one of the biggest ceremony as over 200 famous monks were being invited to participate in the ceremony, including:

Acharn Thim, Wat Changhai, Pattani
Luang Phor Klai, Wat Suankhan, Nakhon Si Thammarat
Luang Phor Noi, Wat Thammasala, Nakhon Pathom
Luang Pu Toh, Wat Pradoochimplee, Bangkok
Luang Phor Daeng, Wat Kao Banda Et, Petchburi
Luang Phor Mui, Wat Donrai, Suphanburi
Luang Phor Ngern, Wat Donyaihom, Nakhon Pathom
Luang Phor Kuay, Wat Kositaram, Chainat
Luang Phor Phrom, Wat Chongkae, Nakhon Sawan
Luang Phor Thop, Wat ChonDaen, Petchabun
Luang Pu Thim, Wat Lahanrai, Rayong
Luang Phor Chong, Wat Natangnok, Ayuthaya
Luang Phor Keow, Wat Rongboon, Nakhon Si Thammarat
Luang Phor Doo, Wat Sakae, Ayuthaya
Luang Phor See, Wat Sakae, Ayuthaya
Luang Phor Pae, Wat Pikunthong, Singburi
Luang Pu Nak, Wat Rakhang, Bangkok
Luang Pu Hin, Wat Rakhang, Bangkok
Luang Phor Boi, Wat Manao, Suphanburi
Acharn Nam, Wat Donsala, Pattalung
Luang Phor Seng, Wat Kallaya, Bangkok
Luang Phor Thira, Wat Palelai, Suphanburi
Luang Phor Tae, Wat Samngam, Nakhon Pathom
Luang Phor Nai, Wat Ban Jaeng, Ayuthaya
Luang Phor Boonmee, Wat Khao Samoh Khon, Lopburi
Luang Phor Pherm, Wat Klangbangkeaw, Nakhon Pathom
Luang Phor Kreun, Wat Sangkho, Suphanburi
Luang Phor Chaem, Wat Nuannoradit, Bangkok
Luang Phor Nor, Wat Klang Thareua, Ayuthaya
Luang Phor Chuen, Wat Yannasen, Ayuthaya
Luang Phor Sood, Wat Kalong, Samutsakorn
Luang Phor Neung, Wat Chulamanee, Samutsongkhram
Luang Phor Kee, Wat Hoo Chang, Nonthaburi
Luang Phor Kant, Wat Khao Keaw, Nakhon Sawan
Luang Phor Thong Yoo, Wat Mai Nong Phra Ong, Samutsakorn
Luang Phor Thoon, Wat Pho Nimit, Bangkok
Chao Khun Chia, Wat Phra Chetuphon, Bangkok
Chao Khun Prayad, Wat Suthat, Bangkok
Luang Phor Kaek, Wat Hua Khao, Suphanburi
Luang Phor Yim, Wat Chao Jed, Ayuthaya
Luang Phor Thongsuk, Wat Saphansoong, Nonthaburi
Luang Phor Ming, Wat Kok, Bangkok
Luang Pu Hiang, Wat Pa, Chonburi
Luang Phor Chuan, Wat Nong Soom, Singburi
Luang Phor Aant, Wat Phra Yatikaram, Ayuthaya
Luang Phor Thiam, Wat Kasattrathiraj, Ayuthaya
Luang Phor Thian, Wat Bosth, Pathum Thani, etc.

Phra Pidta Wat Prasat, B.E.2506

There were many types of amulets produced, among them Phra Luang Pu Thuad, Phra Somdej, Phra Pidta, Phra Kring, Phra Roop Meuan, etc. The most popular amulet from this batch of amulets were the Luang Pu Thuad amulets which Acharn Thim, Wat Changhai was famous for producing. Most of the amulets in this batch are relatively inexpensive yet are good for wearing and are accepted in major amulet competitions.



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