Rian Roon Lang Kha Rabert, Luang Phor Chaem, Wat Donyaihom, Nakhon Pathom, B.E.2535

In the year B.E.2535, there were plans to reconstruct and expand the Nakhon Pathom Hospital due to ageing and also shortage of wards. Nakhon Pathom Hospital was constructed in B.E.2495 and there was limited budget from government funding. There was an urgent need to build a new wing to house the patients and hence a decision was made by the board to approach Luang Phor Chaem for assistance.

Luang Phor Chaem was invited to consecrate a batch of amulets as he was considered to be the top monk of Nakhon Pathom province at the time. Due to his extremely famous reputation, many people were expected to come forward and help in the fund-raising effort. In order for the effort to be successful, a great consecration ceremony was to be held in Wat Donyaihom and all major newspaper agencies in Thailand, including Thai Rath Newspaper and Daily News, were invited to cover and witness the event. The consecration ceremony was to be held at the upper meditation pavilion, which is now used to house the coffin and body of Luang Phor Chaem. Besides the important staff from the hospital attending the event, important VIPs also attended, such as Police Captain Chalerm Yubamrung, who eventually became Deputy Prime Minister to Yingluck Sinawatra.

During the consecration ceremony, the amulets were placed in the centre of the pavillion where Luang Phor Chaem sat down to perform the consecration ceremony. Towards the end of the ceremony, a strange incident happened which is regarded by everyone present to be the manifestation of a miracle. Light began to glow around the amulets in growing intensity until a flash of light shot from the pile of amulets to the roof of the pavilion. The ray of light caused the roof to explode on impact and a hole in the roof can be clearly seen, witnessed by all those who were present. The broken tiles caused by the explosion rebounded off the rooftop and were found outside the pavilion after the ceremony ended. The consecration ceremony was initially planned for continuous blessing for 7 days but because of this miraculous occurence, it was announced that the consecration ceremony was entirely complete.

Due to this famous incident, this batch of amulets were informally named as "Roon Lang Kha Rabert" or "Rooftop Explosion Batch", although its official batch name is written as "Roon Sang Rongphaya Bahn Soon" (Building of Hospital Batch). This incident is still frequently mentioned today among devotees and amulets enthusiasts of Thailand as the event was widely covered by the media and also witnessed by many reputable people. The final donation amount collected and presented to the Nakhon Pathom hospital was 21,500,000 baht (21.5 million baht) and a 4 storey building consisting of 42 wards was built solely from the donation of Wat Donyaihom. This event and amount donated is also recorded and can be found in the history of Nakhon Pathom Hospital.

This is the type of images and quantity created:

1) Phra Bucha Luang Phor Chaem 5" lap span, Nur Thong Pasom (mixed alloy) 1,200 statues

2) Rian Roop Meuan Pump (medals)
- Nur Thong Kham (Gold) 1,631 pieces
- Nur Ngern (Silver) quantity not recorded
- Nur Nawak (9-metal alloy) quantity not recorded
- Nur Thong Daeng (Copper) 50,000 pieces

3) Roop Meuan Pump (statuette style)
- Nur Thong Kham (Gold), 87 pieces
- Nur Ngern (Silver), 2,000 pieces
- Nur Nawak (9-metal alloy) 5,000 pieces
- Nur Thong Leuang (Brass) 10,000 pieces

This batch of amulets remain as one of Luang Phor Chaem's most famous batch of amulets ever consecrated by him.

Rian Roon Sang Rong Phaya Bahn, Nur Ngern, B.E.2535

Rian Roon Sang Rong Phaya Bahn, Nur Nawak, B.E.2535

Rian Roon Sang Rong Phaya Bahn, Nur Thong Daeng, B.E.2535

Although the amulets of this batch may be inexpensive, it is not easily found as many of the worshippers who were present at the time believed that this batch of amulets chanted by Luang Phor Chaem was truly "saksik". There were many experiences where the devotees had encountered danger and yet had averted them without harm. Luang Phor Chaem passed away not long after in the year B.E.2536.

Roop Meuan Pump Roon Sang Rong Phaya Bahn, Nur Thong Pasom, B.E.2535



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