Rian Sema Roon Raek (1st Batch Medal), Luang Phor Uayphon, Wat Donyaihom, Nakhon Pathom, B.E.2527

Phrakru Samu Uayphon or Luang Phor Uayphon (Uayphon means blessing in Thai) was born on a Wednesday, 7th of January B.E.2485 and is a nephew of Luang Phor Chaem, Wat Donyaihom. Luang Phor Chaem himself was a nephew of Luang Phor Ngern, Wat Donyaihom as Luang Phor Chaem's grandfather named "Pu Jui" was the elder brother of Luang Phor Ngern's father named "Pu Phrom". Luang Phor Ngern was given the nickname "Thep Chao Haeng Donyaihom" by the people of Nakhon Pathom province as he was very famously known to have helped many people and performed many charitable deeds. "Thep Chao Haeng Donyaihom" means "Deva (God) of Donyaihom", a title which after Luang Phor Ngern passed away in B.E.2520, Luang Phor Chaem inherited the title. The title was again passed down to Luang Phor Uayphon in B.E.2537 after Luang Phor Chaem had passed away and is a title which Luang Phor Uayphon carried until today. Luang Phor Uayphon inherited the title as he continuously upheld Luang Phor Ngern and Luang Phor Chaem's kindness and compassion to help people whenever they ask from him. Luang Phor Uayphon is currently the assistant Chief Monk of Wat Donyaihom but holds the official title of "Chao Kana Tambon Donyaihom" (chief monk of Donyaihom district). Luang Phor Uayphon was Luang Phor Ngern's personal assistant for amulets consecration until Luang Phor Ngern passed away, where Luang Phor Uayphon continued assisting Luang Phor Chaem until Luang Phor Chaem passed away too. Luang Phor Uayphon is recognised as the successor to both Luang Phor Ngern and Luang Phor Chaem and he had inherited the teachings and knowledge from his 2 great masters.

Rian Sema Roon Raek, Nur Ngern

Luang Phor Uayphon consecrated his 1st batch medal in the shape of Rian Sema in B.E.2527, similar in style as Luang Phor Ngern's 1st batch medal which was consecrated in B.E.2493. Even though Luang Phor Uayphon's 1st batch medal is not considered an old or early age medal, it is equally popular among collectors due to many well-known and documented experiences encountered by his devotees. The medal was initially created in B.E.2527 but Luang Phor Uayphon did not want the committee to rent them out as there were still plenty of Luang Phor Chaem's amulets available and that he would wait for a suitable occassion to let the temple allowe these medals to be rented. The occassion came in B.E.2533 when Luang Phor Chaem was requested to help raise funds for the expansion of Nakhon Pathom Hospital and Luang Phor Uayphon then suggested that it was the time to rent out his 1st batch medals to devotees. The cost of building 1 section of the hospital was approximately 530,000 baht at the time and the temple committee suggested that there must be a minimum donation amount for each medal, otherwise the target amount to be raised cannot be reached. Luang Phor Uayphon wanted to be fair to the devotees in return for their generous donations and hence made the committee promise that there will not be any remakes of his 1st batch medals and that all pieces must be struck with a code, which was the code used for Luang Phor Chaem's B.E.2535 Nur Nawak material of Rian Roon Sang Rong Phaya Bahn Song (Building Hospital Batch) or informally known as Roon Lang Kha Rabert (Rooftop Explosion Batch). Luang Phor Uayphon also personally inscribed 1 Yant in front and 2 Yant behind on every single piece. The quantity made for Luang Phor Uayphon's 1st batch are as follows:

1) Nur Ngern, 500 pieces
2) Nur Nawak, 1,500 pieces
3) Nur Thong Daeng Rom Dum, 19,000 pieces

Rian Sema Roon Raek, Nur Nawak

One of the most famous documented incident which happened with regards to Luang Phor Uayphon's 1st batch medal was in the B.E.2530s. A group of 5 to 6 young men visited Wat Donyaihom and were just casually mentioning that there were many guru monks medals which were reputed to be "Khongkrapan" (invulnerable), "Kleaw Klaad" (free from danger) and "Neaw" (causing misfire or firearm mechanism jammed) but after testing with their guns, many of these medals either were blown away or damaged by the bullets. When Luang Phor Uayphon heard their comments, he was not offended but instead offered to give them his personal amulets for them to experiment on.

This group of young men were felt bad when Luang Phor Uayphon made the offer and they mentioned that they had great respect for Luang Phor Ngern and Luang Phor Chaem and dare not offend them by experimenting on their amulets. Luang Phor Uayphon then said that if they are not comfortable to experiment on Luang Phor Ngern or Luang Phor Chaem's amulets, then they have the permission and may feel free to experiment on amulets which he had created himself and therefore handed them his 1st batch medal.

The young men, together with Luang Phor Uayphon, proceeded to the paddy field behind Wat Donyaihom for the gun testing experiment. One of the young men who is the leader named Nai Keaw led the group together with another monk from the temple, a young temple boy who is a temple helper along with another 6 to 7 devotees who wanted to witness the event. Other than Luang Phor Uayphon and the group members, the other witnesses were not informed which amulet was being tested. Nai Keaw picked up a clump of earth from the soil and stuck the earth onto a wooden plank. He then proceeded to place the medal in the middle of the earth and then set the wooden plank standing.

The rest of the group stayed back while Nai Keaw stood near the plank at point blank range and began firing at the medal. However, none of the bullets could hit the medal and the bullets only struck the surrounding areas of the plank. He kept trying and reloaded several times but none of the bullets would hit the medal. He finally gave up when he was tired after many attempts and the young temple helper ran up to the plank to see what amulet was being tested. The young boy then shouted to the others people present that it was Luang Phor Uayphon's 1st batch medal Nur Thong Daeng Rom Dum. The group of young men then seeked Luang Phor Uayphon's forgiveness which Luang Phor replied that he was not offended at all in the first place.

Rian Sema Roon Raek, Nur Thong Daeng Rom Dum

Luang Phor Uayphon would usually bring the medals along to many great mass-chanting ceremonies and one of which was at Wat Phra Keaw where very famous monks such as Luang Pu Waen, Wat Doimaepang, ChiangMai province ; Luang Phor Kasem, Susahn Trailak, Lampang province ; Luang Phor Pern, Wat BangPhra, Nakhon Pathom province; Luang Phor Yit, Wat Nong Chok, Prachuabkhirikhan province; etc. participated in that particular ceremony. These medals are seldom seen traded on the amulet market because of their well-documented experiences, the low quantity produced by today's standards and also because it is Luang Phor Uayphon's 1st batch medal.



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