Roop Lor Phra Bucha Siwalee, Luang Phor Phor Chaeng, Wat Bang Pang, Nonthaburi, B.E.2490s

This Phra Bucha Siwalee Nur Samrit (bronze) was consecrated by Luang Phor Chaeng, Wat Bang Pang, Nonthaburi province in the B.E.2490s. Luang Phor Chaeng is undoubtedly recognised as Thailand's No.1 for Siwalee amulets and Phra Bucha. There were many different models with different shaped bases, some square, some round, etc. Even the umbrella and walking stick may be different, where some is removable and some is fixed. However, the most important identification method is to recognise the style and material age as there were a few other guru monks such as Luang Phor Pae, Wat Pikhunthong, did consecrate very similar models with the exception of different Khom at the base. This piece shown is the rarest model, with a square base below but a round base on top.

Contrary to standard collectors' trend, Phra Bucha Siwalee (statue) is usually less expensive compared to the Roop Lor Phra Siwalee (amulet). The reason is because most of Luang Phor Chaeng's Phra Bucha Siwalee were actually created using modern casting techniques, with the base below being drilled by machine and had clearer and sharper features. Phra Siwalee amulets of Luang Phor Chaeng were mostly, if not all, created by Lor Boran method which means they were casted using traditional technique, by melting old bronze and other alloys and then poured into moulds. This usually results in uneven or unequal features and surface but is also the reason why it is actually rarer and more sought after than Luang Phor Chaeng's Roop Lor Phra Bucha Siwalee.



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