Phra Khreung Roon Sang Mondop, Luang Phor Od, Wat Chansen, Nakhon Sawan, B.E.2531

In B.E.2531, Wat Chansen needed to raise funds to build a Mondop (a shrine to house relics or sacred texts). In order to raise funds, a batch of amulets were created for donors who came and made donations for this important and sacred event. There were 3 types of amulets made, namely:

1) Roop Meuan Pump Roon Sang Mondop B.E.2531 (12th batch Roop Meuan)
- Nur Ngern (silver) 500 pieces
- Nur Thong Leuang (brass) 10,000 pieces
- Nur Thong Daeng (copper) 7,000 pieces
- Nur Takua (lead) 3,000 pieces

2) Rian Roon Sang Mondop Phra That B.E.2531 (15th batch Rian)
- Rian Roop Khai Nur Ngern (silver) 500 pieces
- Rian Roop Khai Nur Thong Leuang (brass) 3,000 pieces
- Rian Roop Khai Nur Thong Daeng (copper) 25,000 pieces
- Rian Sema Nur Ngern (silver) 500 pieces
- Rian Sema Nur Thong Daeng (copper) 25,000 pieces

3) Phra Kring Roon Sang Mondop B.E.2531 (1st batch Phra Kring)
- Nur Ngern (silver) 103 pieces
- Nur Nawak (mixed alloy) 1,000 pieces

The moulds for this batch of amulets were commissioned by the committee members of Wat Chansen and were kept in the temple after the production was completed. All amulets produced in this batch were stamped with the code of a Chedi, i.e. on the Sangkati of the Roop Meuan, at the back of the Rian, etc.

Roop Meuan Pump Roon Sang Mondop, Nur Thong Leuang, B.E.2531

Luang Phor Od was a nephew of Luang Phor Doem, Wat Nong Pho, Nakhon Sawan and was also a fellow disciple of Luang Phor Phrom, Wat Chong Kae, Nakhon Sawan. Luang Phor Od learnt from Luang Phor Doem many disciplines of "Buddhist magic" and also inherited Luang Phor Doem's formula of producing good Roop Meuan amulets. Before Luang Phor Doem passed away, he instructed Luang Phor Od to further his knowledge from Luang Phor Phrom as Luang Phor Phrom was a top student of Luang Phor Doem. As with his teachers, Luang Phor Od's amulets were equally famous for Kong Krapan Chatri (invulnerability to weapons) and also Kleaw Klaad (escape from danger).

The Roop Meuan Pump of this batch of Roon Sang Mondop amulets is one of the most popular batch of Luang Phor Od's amulets, mainly due to the fact that the Roop Meuan is in the style of both Luang Phor Doem and Luang Phor Phrom. It is also due to the intention of making this batch of amulets, i.e. building a Mondop which is considered a holy event to make merits, that this batch of amulets gained popularity.

Rian Roop Khai Roon Sang Mondop, Nur Thong Daeng, B.E.2531

Roop Meuan Pump Roon Sang Mondop is equally popular to Luang Phor Od's Roop Meuan Pump Phim Lang Trong B.E.2524 (5th batch Roop Meuan) due to the similar style and material used (Nur Thong Leuang). These Roop Meuan were inexpensive some years ago but gained popularity in recent years and value due to the fact that Luang Doem and Luang Phor Phrom's Roop Meuan were getting more expensive and almost out of reach to the average collectors. Although in comparison they are affordable compared to Luang Phor Doem and Luang Phor Phrom's pieces, there are already many high-end fakes in the market which looks almost identical to the genuine pieces.



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