Phra Somdej Lang Seua, Chao Khun Nor, Wat Thepsirin, Bangkok , B.E.2513

In the year B.E.2513, Chao Khun Nor consecrated a batch of Phra Somdej Lang Seua which was created by Chao Khun Udom. The back depicts a tiger which is the birth year of Chao Khun Udom. The Khom letters "Pha Sook" written behind is the layman name of Chao Khun Udom which means "Happiness". This batch of Phra Somdej Lang Seua were consecrated on the 5th of December B.E.2513.

The intention of consecrating this batch of Phra Somdej Lang Seua is mainly for the distribution to government officers and the military force who are guarding the border of Thailand. The front is using the front mould of Phra Somdej Lang Roop Meuan B.E.2513 and the back was used for the back mould of Phra Keaw Morakot Phim Yai B.E.2513 and the quantity created is 5,000 pieces.



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