Somdej Phra Buddhacharn Nuam, Wat Anongkaram, Bangkok

Somdej Phra Buddhacharn Nuam, Wat Anong was one of the most highly revered monks in Thailand during his lifetime and was very close friends with Luang Phor Sook, Wat Pak Klong Makhamthao and also Luang Phor Parn, Wat Bang Nom Kho. He was invited to preside over many famous consecration ceremonies such as Phra Chaiwat Kalai Thong, Wat Suthat and Phra Nak Prok Bai Makham together with Luang Phor Sook, Wat Pak Klong Makham Thao. He was also known to have attained the level where he could see and communicate with the Devas and spirits.

Rian Somdej Phra Buddhacharn Nuam, Nur Thong Daeng Pew Fai, B.E.2500

Somdej Phra Buddhacharn Nuam is considered as one of the top Guru monks in Thailand due to the many miracles of his amulets. He produced a few types of famous amulets from his temple during his lifetime and all of them are popular among the veteran collectors. His most famous disciple was Luang Phor Thoon, Wat Pho Nimit, who was also a good friend of many famous contemporary monks in his time such as Luang Pu Toh, Wat Pradoochimplee.

Rian Phra Phut, Nur Thong Daeng Kalai Thong, B.E.2497

Somdej Phra Buddhacharn Nuam passed away peacefully at the age of 92 in the year B.E.2499, not long after he finished consecrating the last batch of amulets to be distributed in the year B.E.2500.

Rian Nang Kwak, Nur Thong Daeng Kalai Thong, B.E.2500



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