Phra Khreung Wat Kho Non, Bangkok, B.E.2514

Wat Kho Non is a temple situated in Thonburi which was famous in the past when Luang Pu Ieam, Wat Nang spent the rainy seasons in the temple. Luang Pu Ieam was recorded to have consecrated Phra Pidta amulets made of Chin Takua (lead alloy) to be buried in the pagoda of Wat Kho Non. The pagoda was officially opened in B.E.2512 to gather these amulets as the temple wanted to build a new hall behind the temple. The Chao Awat of Wat Kho Non gathered the damaged amulets and used them to consecrate a batch of new amulets. Famous monks over Thailand were invited to participate in the consecration of this new set of amulets which were to be distributed. The chanting was held continuously for 9 days and 9 nights. Luang Pu Toh, Wat Pradoochimplee was invited to be the Chao Phi Thee (chairman) of the ceremony and the monks involved were:

Luang Phor Pae, Wat Pikulthong
Luang Phor Sood, Wat Kalong
Luang Phor Ngern, Wat Donyaihom
Luang Phor Chaem, Wat Donyaihom
Luang Phor Nor, Wat Klang Thareua
Luang Phor Thiam, Wat Kasattrathiraj
Luang Phor Hom, Wat Chakmak
Luang Phor Pee, Wat Dan Lan Hoy
Luang Phor Seng, Wat Kallaya
Luang Pu Hin, Wat Rakhang Kositaram
Luang Phor Mee, Wat Singh
Luang Phor Keaw, Wat Chonglom
Luang Phor Phong, Wat Jakawan
Luang Phor Neuang, Wat Chulamanee
Luang Phor Uttama, Wat Wangwiwekaram
Luang Phor Somchai, Wat Khao Sukim
Luang Phor Sim, Wat Tham Pha Plong
Luang Phor Kong, Wat Wangsaparod
Luang Phor Tae, Wat Sam Ngam
Luang Phor Kae, Wat Mae Nam
Luang Phor Thong Yoo, Wat Mai Nong Phra Ong

There were 4 moulds which were created for the Nur Chin Takua amulets:

1) Phra Pidta
2) Phra Rod
3) Phra Nang Phaya
4) Nang Kwak

Phra Pidta, Nur Chin Takua Gau, B.E.2514

The majority of the amulets were of Phra Pidta and the least made were of Nang Kwak, amounting to not more than a few hundred pieces. The total quantity made for all moulds were 84,000 pieces. The raw materials were melted and were being casted during the ceremony itself. It was also compulsory that all devotees who attended the ceremony to wear only white clothes. The casting was done using ancient style and the devotees who helped in the casting had to adhere to the timing set by the procedure while the guru monks chanted on every piece that was casted. Due to the ancient style of casting, each piece actually differs from the other. The temple boy was responsible to stamp the code at the back of the Phra Pidta, Phra Nang Phaya and Phra Rod amulets. There was another ceremony in B.E.2519 with the same type of amulets but the code stamped behind is different from the B.E.2514 batch.

A batch of medals was also created to commemorate the event, similar to the Phim of Luang Pu Ieam's Rian Lang Yant See and Rian Lang Yant Ha. The majority were of Nur Thong Daeng but a small quantity were of special material such as Nur Ngern and Nur Kalai Thong, the most expensive and valuable were those of Nur Kalai Thong Na Thong Kam Long Ya (gold plated, pure gold body and enameled colour). These Nur Kalai Thong pieces were distributed to the temple committee members and helpers in the ceremony.

Rian Luang Pu Ieam, Lang Yant See, Nur Kalai Thong Na Thong Kam Long Ya Kammakan Yai, Phim Niyom, B.E.2514
(The medal was first plated with gold then painted with enamel colours. Lastly the body of Luang Pu Ieam was covered with pure gold. These enameled pieces were specially made for committee members and helpers who participated in the ceremony.)

The experience shared by one of the senior devotees who participated in the ceremony remarked that everytime Luang Pu Toh led the chanting, the place will be very cooling even though it was in the hot afternoon heat while melting and casting was being done.

It was indicated that the ceremony had involved the top guru monks of the period and the material which was melted from Luang Pu Ieam's Pidta Nur Chin Takua buried in the pagoda, the amulets from the ceremony was of the best properties. Even though the amount made was 84,000 pieces, there were none left in the temple and it is also not often seen outside.



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